2017. április 27., csütörtök

Not... enough

Living the life your parents gave you,
Still waiting for someone to guide you.

Feeling the cold air at the windowsill,
Start thinking about why are you still here.

Can't find a place you can call your home,
You're unable to care anymore.
Don't you want a normal life
And someone who you can trust?

You're alone in your silent world.
Be brave and create a sharp sword
From all your emotions and tears
Which you can fight with if you need.

Look around and start searching!
You'll find countless useful things.
Maybe an angel will come to you
To give you love. So be proud.

You are precious. You are worthy.
You're much better than I used to be.
I mean it when I say: you matter to me.
Just as you see this, it changes your reality.

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